Internationally renowned and accepted, world governments acknowledge the CAMS certification as the gold standard in AML/CTF compliance.                         – ACAMS

Are you gearing up for the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) exam? Achieving CAMS certification from the Association of Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) is a significant milestone in the world of financial crime prevention.

The Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) certification is a highly sought-after course to kickstart or advance your career in the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Terrorism Financing sector. If you’re still debating whether CAMS is worth it, the answer is a resounding yes, especially if you’re aiming for a lucrative and respected career as an Anti-Money Laundering Professional. In today’s landscape, regulatory bodies worldwide emphasize anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism measures, recognizing the importance of disrupting the flow of illegal money to combat criminal activities effectively.

This designation has weight my friend that is going to increase your professional reputation as well as the size of the wallet. CAMS exam is quite a tough nut to crack. But with proper guidance, you can easily pass this exam with flying colors.  

1. How to Register for CAMS Exam(SECRET TIP!!!)

This looks obvious , just to this site here. They will set you up. Well, that’s one way to go but we have one tip. In a minute, you will feel fortunate that you have found this article. Let us share you a tip, before doing anything, just download CAMS Candidate Handbook from there official website here.

Candidate Handbook contains a lot of information, including syllabus, exam format, exam locations, re-exam and so on. After you have gone through handbook and understood its contend, DON’T JUMP TO PURCHASE CERTIFICATION, YET. Instead, email to their contact id: But be sure to check their email id in handbook, as it tends to change. In your email, tell them you are interested in taking cams exam. After that, they will assign you representative who will give you a call, you can ask him/her for a discount. More likely they will give you discount, if you are paying from your own pocket. This will save you quite deal of money rather just paying directly through website.

2. Understanding Objective of CAMS Certification:

Many Candidate usually jump immediately towards devouring the CAMS study guide and other reference materials after they registered for CAMS exam without first understanding what CAMS degree is all about. Your objective should not be only to PASS CAMS exam. You need to understand the CAMS Study Guide gives you mere information only or just concepts. For e.g., It says that you need to do risk assessment and have policies and procedures in your organization. In order to pass this exam, this concepts may be enough but not in your job situation. Let’s say if you pass this exam but do not know how to design ECDD form for high risk customers or you are unable to  proper tune transaction monitoring to identify suspicious transaction in your job environment then , well that just leave a bad taste in your mouth.

So you have to understand this, CAMS certification is does not make you ultimate AML/CFT professional. This is just beginning of your AML/CFT career. Even ACAMS promotes CAMS as basic course in Anti-Money laundering. So mere passing this certificate should not be your goal.  We have found that many candidate purchase CAMS dump to practice as many question related to CAMS exam, just to pass this certification. So, do you think, did they really earned this certification. Therefore, when you study the CAMS study guide, you need to be able to relate concepts in CAMS study guide in your day-to-day job. You need perform gap analysis and think how these concepts can truly help to improve AML/CFT posture of your organization.

We have created comprehensive course Ultimate Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist(CAMS) Preparation Zero To Hero Course which not only helps you to pass CAMS exam but also guide you to become better AML/CFT expert. We have explained concepts with practical example so that you could know how these ideas are applied in real life. You don’t find them in your CAMS Study Guide. Take a moment to explore our website and unlock a world of valuable information and opportunities – don’t miss out!



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3. Create Study Plan:

Whenever you are studying difficult certification like CAMS exam, it is better you laid out down study plan. You need to first determine when you are planning to take exam. Still NOT Sure? After going through rest of this article, you will be.

First determine, how much time you are willing to set aside for the study. Consider following things for crafting study plan.

  1. It is not matter of quantity but quality. Studying 1 hour a day with full focus is better than 2 hours with distraction.
  2. Maintain consistency, whatever, you do unless it is an emergency, find time to study. Even if it is only 15 minutes a day, try to study. Consistency will bring discipline. If there has been long time since you study for any kind of exam, this will bring you in a track, slowly and comfortably. We want you to keep this pace even after passing cams exam. When you want to have career in AML/CFT, always remember, you need to learn every day because criminal don’t sleep they are always looking for new ways for money laundering and terrorism financing. Therefore, you need to continuously update yourself.
  3. Put away mobile phone, unless you are studying from it.
  4. Take frequent break, you don’t need to study until your head hurts. Take five minutes break after every 20 minutes. Go listen to music, drink water or your preferred beverage and have fun. We will even go far and suggest you that. Before, 1 day of exam, after you have reviewed and are well prepare, you can watch a heartwarming movie or do any activities that you like. This will relax your nerves. But, remember, we only recommend this, if you have maintain disciple and followed your study plan by heart.

You can look as this excellent website to create a study plan for yourself.


Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for CAMS Exam

How to Answer Questions in CAMS Exam with High Accuracy? 


4. Resources:

After the registration, ACAMS will provide you with an ACAMS Training portal, where you will receive all the materials necessary to pass the exam. You will receive, CAMS study guides in pdf and audio format, flashcards, a summary module for each chapter of CAMS. But, how to use them is an art. One method is to just scan through the whole study guide once. Then, revisit the study guide again, this time listening audit format simultaneously. It is well known from scientific research that when you can use more senses while learning, we can understand and retain that knowledge better. For the above case, if you also take notes while studying the guide as well as listening, you are using all your three senses: Visual, Auditory, Feeling. Now, talking about Flashcards and summary module, we suggest you use them at the time of review only.

Do you have any queries regarding anti money laundering or any other related concepts? Why don’t ask our AML/CFT AI CHATBOT?



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CAMS Study guide or manual covers generic information and in a very concise. You will not pass only depending upon CAMS study , you need to reference other materials. Besides the study guide, it is highly recommended that you go through FATF recommendation and Wolfsberg Principles as listed in chapter : International AML/CFT standards of the CAMS Study Guide. This is because most of the content in the CAMS study guide is derived from these standards and principles.. AML/CFT is a very vast concept and referring only to the study guide may not be enough to clarify all the ideas mentioned in the guide. Moreover, you may want to go through Egmont Group Financial Analysis Cases, this will prepare you for the scenario-based questions that are usually asked in the CAMS study guide. In our Ultimate Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist(CAMS) Preparation Zero To Hero Course

In our CAMS preparation course , we provide you with just enough resources that is need for your cams exam. If you look at “Guidance document and reference materials” in CAMS Study Guide, you will get the list of resources to prepare for your cams exam. To speak truth, all is not required, and it not possible to go through all resources, if you have only few months to prepare. So we have handpicked only those resources that are useful for your cams exam, also in some pdf we have highlighted important content, so that you can focus on them, which will save your time. Also you will get concise notes for FATF 40 recommendation in .docx format so that you don’t have to go through all those 140 pages of FATF. We also separate free course on FATF recommendation in our website, which you may want to check out.

There is MORE!!!. You will also get hyperlink for the website, where you can download those resource, if you want your own copy.

resources for cams exam
FREE resources for CAMS EXAM with purchase of CAMS Preparation Course
Notes for FATF
Notes on FATF in word file

 ACAMS provides various resources, including webinars, seminars, and networking opportunities. Engage with these resources to gain insights from industry experts and fellow professionals.

It is also better if you are update with recent trend Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing. We have create Crime Watch page which provides with highlight of Money laundering and Terrorism Financing news happening from all around, abstracted from more than 100 famous  news channel like CNN, BBC, Economic Times and so on.

Who said preparing for CAMS exam cannot be fun. You can also watch following movies, documentaries and TV series, if you want to see exaggerated cases of Money Laundering and Terrorism financing.

  1. Cocaine Cowboys(Documentary)
  2. American Greed(TV series)
  3. Infiltrator
  4. Breaking Bad(TV series)
  5. Ozark (TV series)


5.Time for Preparation

We are not going to lie that CAMS is easy. You will fail if you are not adequately prepared. We have found many people have not succeeded in their first attempt when they have ventured this exam on the basis of their job experience and mere luck. Therefore, we suggest you give this ample time, at least 3 months ahead of the appearance exam, you may want to go through all the resources we have suggested above. The rest is up to you.

 6.The Clarity in Concept:

About 90% of question is scenario-based, like what two things you will do when you are faced with this situation or that. Therefore, gaining knowledge about the different concepts is not only sufficient, but you should know how to apply it. Therefore, you should understand all the material concepts of the study guide. Repetition is the key here.

7.Notes preparing for Memorization

Everybody has their own style of learning. In whatever case, the essence of note-taking could not be disregarded. It is better to prepare a note of each topic in soft copy like in word file rather than in hard copy which will provide you with benefits of portability. CAMS exam is both memorization and application of the concept. Therefore, early note taking activity will help you in the long run. You can also use Flashcards provide by CAMS but it’s in question and answer format but will not substitute, comprehensive notes. Also, we have create CAMS STUDY NOTES that you get FREE with the purchase of our  CAMS preparation course .  The main feature of these notes are , they not only simplify and contain important content of CAMS Study Guide, but they also include other reference materials. Further, there are word format, which means you can customize these study notes as you desire.

8.Mind Map.

To help you with memorization, you don’t need to rot down everything. It is also very easy to lose focus while going through study guide, as lot of concepts are presented in very concise way. It is utmost necessary that you revisit the concepts again and again until you are clear.

Another best way of understanding and memorizing is use of Mind Map.

A mind map is a visual representation of ideas, concepts, and information organized around a central theme or topic. It is a graphical tool that helps individuals brainstorm, structure, and organize their thoughts in a more holistic and interconnected way. The central idea is typically placed in the center of the map, and branches radiate outward to represent related subtopics or concepts.

Key elements of a mind map include:

Central Theme or Topic: The main concept or idea that the mind map revolves around is placed in the center of the page.

Branches: Radiating out from the central theme are branches that represent main categories or major concepts related to the central idea.

Nodes or Sub-branches: Each branch can have sub-branches that further break down the main categories into more specific details or subtopics.

Keywords and Images: Mind maps often use keywords or short phrases to convey information concisely. Additionally, images or symbols may be used to enhance understanding and memory.

Color Coding: Colors can be used to distinguish between different branches or to highlight important information, making the mind map visually engaging and aiding in recall.


This will really interlink the concept. We suggest you take a big white chart paper, the write concepts in two or three word, then circle it, it will become a node and link with other concepts(Branches) as you come across, with different color. As an example, please look at the following Ted Talk on creating Mind Map.

The main benefit, whenever you will look at them, you will able comprehend all the concepts simultaneously and if you find any idea confusion, you can revisit them later.

9. Exam Format and Exam Technique:

Everything said above, boils down to only one thing, how to pass or get a higher score in the CAMS exam. You will have 4 hours to solve the 120 questions which are more than enough. You need to answer 75 questions correctly out of 120 questions to pass CAMS. So, it is not 75%, but 75 right answered questions. In percentage, it will come about 62.5% only. 

9.1 Multiple choice questions

You will get multiple choice question, but it is not like you need select one out of four. Often there will be 5 or 6 multiple choice questions, where you need to select 2 or 3. CAMS exam questions can be quite lengthy you need to read and comprehend. In some cases, answers in the questions itself, so you need to understand the question.

9.2 Best way to deal with multiple choice question
A. Bad Technique

CAMS exam is tricky most of the time as almost all multiple choice answers look valid. One technique is that you go through once the question and its multiple choice answers and then again re-read the question thoroughly to select the right answer. People usually miss the right answer when they read the question only once.

B. Good Technique (SECRET TIP!!!)

Do you know that you will get “Marked for Review” option in exam portal. DO, DO, DO use this if you find difficult or long answer question. Let me give you reason why?

This is general nature, the people are usually nervous while taking exam. So, it is better you answer first the questions that you find easy to answer and attempt other long and confusing question later. This will boost your confidence and you can tackled those difficult question later on. Therefore, when you use “Mark for Review” option, you can revisit those question later on

C. Master any Scenario Based Question (SECRET TIP!!!)

Would you like to know secret to ace any Multiple Choice question? Of course you do. So, let us share this with you.  For a straight forward question like one line question, you just read the question, then options and select suitable answer. This is far efficient way.

Now for the secret technique. We will give you a chance to practice this yourself.

Let’s look at the following example and try to answer the question and not how much time did it

  1. Ramesh is the AML compliance officer for a small bank that has had AML difficulties and that is operating under a deferred prosecution agreement with the federal government. The FBI approaches Rick and requests that the bank maintain an account that the FBI is examining so that the FBI can monitor continuing activity. What two things should Rick do first?
  2. Ask that request be submitted in writing.
  3. Ensure that the request is from someone with appropriate authority.
  4. Ask the Board of Directors to approve keeping the account open after an internal investigation.
  5. Keep the account open in order to not incur any further disfavor with the federal government.


So, how well you did it. Do you have your time recorded? Good. Now follow along,

Now let’s us revisit above question, we would like you to focus on the end of the question. That is to say, what question is actually asking. Plainly speaking, focus on WH question (What, When, Where, How, Whom). In above question, it was “What two things should Rick do first?”. So the question is asking what two action Rick needs to take immediately. This is the actual question. All the paragraph above that question is context. It is asking what two actions Rick needs to take immediately, if such situation happens, that if FBI comes knocking at your office door and ask you about any account that they are examining. Caution, here answers are designed to confusion, if you look at them all answer are correct but clue lies with the word “first”. In CAMS exam, answer will be designed in a way to confuse you. Therefore, aim to understand the context question and choose the right answer. So always read the question more than one time, so to understand it properly.

 We hope, you have understood this concept, now try answering following question.  

2. Diane, the AML compliance officer for a large financial institution, uncovers a serious case of potential money laundering being conducting through a number of related accounts. What are three factors she should consider in deciding whether or not to close the accounts?

A.Whether the account holder is a close associate of any of the members of the Board of Directors.

B. Whether the alleged money laundering activity is occurring in all of the accounts, or just some of the accounts.

C.The legal basis for closing the accounts.

D.The reputational risk to the institution if the accounts are maintained

We hope you are now, proud of yourself. We don’t think you need correct answers to above questions, but here they are incase you are wondering.

1. Question: A, B

2. Question: B,C,D

10. One Final Secret Tip !!!

There is Tibetan Proverb, “Empty your cup”. Let us clarify this quote, in context of your exam, in scenario based question, you have limit yourself to the context and thing that you learn from case study guide.Don’t assume or add or subtract to that context. Let’s illustrate this with an example. In the Question 1, let’s assume that you had faced similar situation in your real life and your board actually instructed you to do the first job of keep that account open first, before doing any other things. May be they don’t want to upset regulator bodies. But, if you select that option, you will be wrong.

So, try to understand the context of the question, be present in that moment and answer the question. If you follow this secret Mantra, you will not only pass CAMS exam , you might be in path towards enlightenment.

For e.g.,

In our Ultimate Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist(CAMS) Preparation Zero To Hero Course  We provide you with 360 mock question for practice. We can hone your new found skill over there.

Quiz Set
FREE MOCK QUESTION with purchase of CAMS Preparation Course
Mock Test
Exam SImulator

11. Practice Question:

There is no need to stress the importance of the mock test.  It is advised that before,  going through the study guide, you first attempt the mock test on chapter 6  to assess your current level of understanding about a different aspect of anti-money laundering and combating terrorism financing. Then, after completing your study guide, at the time of the review phase, re-do the mock test. This is from the experience of  many candidates that what marks you are scoring in the Mock test at the review phase, you will be the scoring if not equivalent but more in your actual CAMS exam.

Remember, there are many candidates who purchase CAMS dump question online, only study that and attempt exam. The success guarantee is 50% . But one thing we will guarantee, you won’t be good AML/CFT expert by doing so. Your goal should not be merely passing CAMS exam but higher. So focus on understanding concept and try to interlink them. The questions are asked in CAMS by mixing various concepts in different chapter. It’s like if you are skilled in driving, nature and type of road won’t matter. You can drive in any road conditions. Similarly, we also provide you with 360 mock question completely FREE with the purchase of our CAMS Preparation course. All questions are designed to test your understanding in deeper level.

Embark on your journey to become a skilled AML/CFT professional, and pass the CAMS exam with our engaging and informative CAMS exam preparation course where we have used animation, shared stories, demonstrated practical tools which not only help you understand CAMS concept but equip necessary talents to make you AML/CFT expert.  Visit our website and discover a wealth of resources – don’t miss out on this opportunity! 




Chapter 1: Risks and Methods of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Chapter 2 : International AML/CFT Standards

Chapter 3: Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorist Financing Compliance Programs

Chapter 4: Conducting and Responding to Investigations


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