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Prepare for the CAMS-AUDIT exam with our comprehensive study notes. Covering all essential aspects of AML audits, these notes provide detailed insights into audit programs, risk assessments, governance, and regulatory applications. Ideal for professionals aiming to excel in AML auditing and compliance.

Created By: Kiran Kumar Shah, FCCA, CAMS, CAMS-AUDIT

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Unlock your potential in AML auditing with our meticulously crafted CAMS-AUDIT Study Notes. Designed for professionals aiming to excel in the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist Audit exam, these comprehensive notes cover all essential aspects of AML audits, ensuring you are well-prepared for the exam and your career in financial crime compliance.

Our study notes delve deep into the various facets of AML audits, starting with an overview of the audit program and moving through critical stages such as planning, fieldwork, and reporting. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of AML independent testing, governance, risk assessments, and regulatory applications. The notes also cover the lifecycle and phases of an AML audit, emphasizing key elements such as governance, risk assessment, policies and procedures, transaction monitoring, suspicious activity reporting, and more.

These study notes are designed to provide you with the knowledge and confidence needed to perform thorough AML audits. They include detailed explanations of audit types, audit risk assessments, and the development of risk-based audit plans. You’ll also find valuable insights into the identification of auditable entities, the importance of resource availability and competency, and best practices for conducting AML audits.

With our CAMS-AUDIT Study Notes, you will be equipped to tackle the complexities of AML auditing, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and enhancing the effectiveness of your organization’s AML program. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, these notes are an invaluable resource for achieving certification and advancing your career in AML compliance.


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